My Hart Story: Amanda (Update Post #1)

A few of you may remember a few years back when I purchased my very first Hart Trailer.  Not only was it my first Hart, but it was also the very first horse trailer that I ever purchased.  Before this time I was using and sharing a trailer with my parents and my sister who I also hauled with.


If you are not familiar with how I came to purchase a Hart trailer, please check out my original photo journal and blog right here.

You can see my post regarding my trailer nearly a year ago right here.

Why another update post?  Well, because our lives change.  Our needs change.  In a year, a ton has changed in my life as a horse owner and a barrel racer.  My life looks entirely different than it did when I very first purchased my trailer and even from the last time that I posted on it.  In light of our 2018 Series, #StoriesFromTheHart, I thought what better a time than now to go over my story and my thoughts on my personal Hart trailer?

So that is exactly what I intend to do.  SOON.  How many horses am I hauling?  How am I using my trailer today?  Does my trailer still work for me?  Do I still love my Hart trailer?  Would I change anything now that I’ve had it nearly 5 years?  (P.S. My Hart Trailer anniversary, the moment when I became an official Hart Trailer OWNER is April, 12th.  Do you know yours?)

Stay tuned because this April I will be posting a pretty in depth look at my trailer as a five year old and I’ll be taking the time to sit down and tell my Hart Story as it looks today.  As 2018 is now upon us, my girls and I are ready to hit the road and that means lots of miles.  Will my trailer up for the task?  You know the answer to that but just in case you don’t, check back next month for an in depth look!  I’ll take you guys inside and outside, scratches, blemishes and all.  We like to keep it real around here and we aren’t afraid to show you a trailer as it ages.  We want you to know exactly what you’re getting and what you can expect out of your Hart trailer.

In the mean time, here is a throwback picture of myself and one of my mares at the 2016 Doxa Extreme Rodeo that Hart is a massive sponsor of.  Photo courtesy of Oklahoma Horses.  If you guys haven’t made it out the last two years, be sure and make plans for August of 2018!  Last year we had an AWESOME group of trailers there!

Doxa Rodeo 8262716 043-1.jpg

Until next time,




Stock Trailers: Yes. Those Too.

You may know that we build quality, custom horse trailers.  Did you know however, that we also take that same quality and those same design innovations and put them to work on a different kind of trailer?  We do.  Stock trailers.

HST RED (10 of 26)

Maybe you’ve seen our Lariats or our Short-Gos?  Awesome!  But have you seen our pig, cattle, sheep and goat haulers?

L Snyder CE (1 of 22).jpg

This week you can get an up close and personal look at a couple of them at the Grady County Livestock Show.  Tommy Farrell and his team from  Farrell Livestock Trailers will be on hand to answer any questions that you might have!

HT CS CT Clean Edit (3 of 44)

You can crawl in them, through them, over them and under them.  Need something a little more custom?  Give Tommy a call and see how we can meet your stock trailer needs!


Custom Lariat Trailer: Snyder

L Snyder AE (2 of 22)

Today we are going to take you through a very neat custom trailer that we recently built and delivered.  This trailer was designed while working with the customer and with the customer’s specifications in mind.  It has several neat attributes that you may not have seen before in our trailers.  We offer a wide variety of customization options, however you can really see several of them come together in this trailer.  If you want to take a look at the trip out to deliver this trailer you can catch it right here just in case you missed it: Trailer Delivery: Albuquerque, NM

You can find the specs on this trailer just below:

2018 Lariat

  • 7ft wide x 7ft 1in tall x 23ft on the floor
  • Aluminum Wheels
  • 10 total exterior tie rings mounted in both standard and lower positions
  • 6ft hayrack
  • Hydraulic Jack with Battery Package.
  • 5 L.E.D. Exterior Loading Lights
  • 16ft Stock Area with 1 cut gate
  • WERM floor in Stock Area
  • “Large” L.E.D. in Stock Area and Dressing Room
  • 7ft Dressing Room with rubber mats on floor
  • 2 – 42” doors in dressing. One on each side of trailer.
  • 16 hook Bridle Carousel mounted low for access from the ground.
  • 24 Bridle hooks & 6 bell boot hooks on the partition wall.
  • 4 Seat “Saddle Slide” saddle rack in dressing room.
  • 6 pole blanket bars & 3 bell boot hooks on each dressing room door.

Take a virtual tour of this trailer with Anthony Gelvin!



Trailer Tuesday: Mobile Office Cargo Trailer

Time for #trailertuesday and we’ve got a cool one for you today!  This is a little cargo trailer that we built for a customer who is using it as a mobile law office.  Steve purchased his trailer from one our dealers here in Oklahoma, Farrell’s Livestock Trailers.

Cargo Bumper Pull Trailer

14ft 6 in long.

7ft 6in wide.

7ft 1 inch tall.

30 inch wide side and rear entry doors.

Built in battery box and generator compartment.

The conversion was designed and installed by Signature Quarters right here in Chickasha, Oklahoma.


Mobile Office Layout

  • • R-16 Insulation Package (Roof, Side Walls, and Floor)
  • • Soft Touch Walls and Ceiling o Oak Hardwood Wainscot
  • • Vinyl Flooring
  • • Raised Hardwood Floor Sofa Seating Area
  • • Custom Pull Out Sofa
  • • Oil Rubbed Bronze Hardware
  • • Synthetic Leather Window Covers o Solid Wood Window and Door Trim
  • • Solid Oak Cabinets and Flat Panel Doors
  • • Full Height Wardrobe with File Drawer Storage
  • • Standing Custom Desk
  • • 9k BTU Mini-Split Air Conditioner with Heat Element and Remote
  • • 12v Fantastic Vent Fan
  • • Quartz Composite Bar/Prep Sink
  • • Oil Rubbed Bronze Faucet w/Pull Out Sprayer
  • • 18 Gallon Fresh Water Tank and Equivalent Grey Water Holding Tank o 12v Water Pump
  • • 110v USB Outlets throughout
  • • 110v Power Inverter for Short Term Battery Only Power Usage
  • • 3.0 cuft 110/12v Dometic Fridge
  • • Single Burner Electric Cooktop o 12v Rangehood
  • • Solar Ready
  • • Cell Phone Signal Booster Mounted to Roof Ladder
  • • Smoke/CO₂ Detector
  • • TR Arnold Approved
  • • Exterior Generator Compartment with Pull Out Tray
  • • Interior Battery Compartment with High Capacity Battery Bank
  • • Backup Camera System

2018 Smart Tack Weekender

Smart Tack…….Smart Tack XL……Smart Tack Living Quarters……or maybe just a Smart Tack the way you want it! The most customized trailer available today can still be more customized! There are so many ways to personalize one to fit your very own personality. Maybe you want just a bathroom…..or maybe just a microwave and a refrigerator….or it could be you’d just like to have a/c and a place to sit and drink your morning coffee. The possibilities are endless, and still keep your Smart Tack. Functionality at it’s best!

SM W AE2 (4 of 2)

We gave you a sneak peek at this trailer on Tuesday.  However we did not show the INSIDE of the trailer.  We teamed up with Signature Quarters right here in Oklahoma for this one.  In this weekender package from Signature Quarters you will find:

  • 2 Knockout Windows in Gooseneck
  • 14′ One-Step Electric Awining
  • R-16 Insulation Package (Roof, Side Walls, and Floor)
  • Soft Touch Walls and Ceiling
    • Hardwood Wainscot
  • Vinyl Flooring
  • Carpet Gooseneck Floor & Steps
  • Custom Over-Sized Mattress in Gooseneck
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze Hardware
  • Night shades in Solid Wood Valances with Leather Overlays and Nailheads
    • Solid Wood Window and Door Trim
  • Solid Alder Cabinets and Raised Panel Doors
  • 13.5k BTU Air Conditioner with Heat Strip
  • Single Leg Hydraulic Equalizer Jack
  • 110v USB Outlets throughout
  • 1.0 Cu. Ft. Microwave
  • 28″ LED T.V.
    • AM/FM/CD/DVD Stereo w/ Interior and Exterior Speakers
  • Omni-Directional TV Antenna
  • Satellite Ready
  • 4.0 Onan Gas Generator with 14 Gallon Triangle Fuel Tank
  • Smoke/CO2 Detector
  • TR Arnold Approved
  • Integrated Smart Tack System
  • Interior Cooler Storage
  • Integrated Hanging Wardrobe

SM W CE (1 of 28)SM W CE (2 of 28)SM W CE (3 of 28)SM W CE (4 of 28)SM W CE (5 of 28)SM W CE (6 of 28)SM W CE (7 of 28)


  • Tradition 4 Horse GN in Champagne color.
  • 8 ft Shortwall Weekender Package – Electric awning, soft touch walls & ceiling, Solid Alder Cabinets, microwave, L.E.D. TV, Sat. ready, built in Yeti cooler.
  • With Hart’s exclusive Smart Tack XL , featuring a “Bridle Carousel” with 28 hooks, 6 saddle racks, 12 blanket bars, 6 bell boot hooks and 18 bridle hooks.
  • Drop down windows on the head and hip side.
  • Two mangers with an escape door on the 1st stall.
  • Broom closet
  • 6ft hay pod with generator compartment and 4000 KW Onan mounted on the roof.


If you are interested in this trailer and you think this trailer might be the perfect trailer for you and your travels, you can contact Coast to Coast Trailers because they actually have this trailer available today!


Stories From The Hart

We want to tell a story. YOUR story. We’ve been manufacturing trailers for fifty years now. We clearly understand that we are only able to do what we do because of YOU and what you do, and how you live, and how you use YOUR Hart Trailer. Today we are inviting you to share your Hart Trailer experience with us. We are looking for four HART STORIES to showcase in the year of 2018. No experience is more important than another. In the end, your experiences allow us to continue to put quality trailers on the road. We know that no two experiences are alike and for that reason we have divided up submissions into five different categories. You may choose any one of the five topics below to write about. We want to make it clear that we are not looking for the best writers. This is not a writing competition. It is just a way for you to share your Hart experience with us.. By submitting your story, you are giving us permission to use your story, your name and any photographs or videos submitted, on our website, social media platforms, and or print. There is not one thing in particular that we are looking for. Simply put, we just want to tell YOUR STORY. The four stories chosen to be featured this year will be notified on the 14th of February. All participants must be willing to work with us by providing photographs, being available for possible video and photoshoots, and allowing us to use such elements to tell their story. Each of the four stories chosen, will receive a very special, limited edition, 50th anniversary Hart Trailer, trophy halter. These are not something you can purchase and there will not be any more of them produced. Each halter carries a value of $150.

We cannot wait to hear from YOU!  Thank you for fifty years of business and a family and community that extends far beyond these walls and our own flesh can blood.

You can enter this unique opportunity below by clicking the link!  Just follow these instructions and you will be entered!

Stories From The Hart Entry Info


Hart Trailer Safety Check

I thought it would be a good time to remind existing trailer owners and for the new horse trailer owners, go over a few Horse Trailer safety checklist items.

 Check the following items before hauling.

1.      Clean your horse trailer out after every use.  Even with rubber mats, the urine and manure will take their toll on the floor if they are left to sit.

2.      Regularly washing the exterior of the trailer will make the trailer generally last longer as well as give you the opportunity to inspect the entire trailer for broken or missing items as well as any damage that may have occurred.

3.      Check all hinges, springs and latches to make sure they are secure and in good working order.

4.      The trailer hitch itself should be kept well lubricated and should be checked for missing or damaged parts. Make sure the safety chains are in good condition.

5.      Inspect the jack to make sure it is working properly (manual/electric/or hydraulic).

6.      The brakes should be checked every time the trailer is hitched to make sure they are working

7.      Check the tire pressure and condition of all the tires (don’t forget the spare).

Before you hitch up  –  Make sure your tow vehicle is rated to tow the weight.  Check the hitch. Check the balance of the trailer.  Make sure the trailer is level and all of the lights and brakes are working.

 HUS 119

Before you load up – Check the trailer for bees or wasps.  Remove any molding hay or feed.  Check to make sure that all dividers and latches work properly.

Before you leave –  Walk all the way around the rig.  Make sure that all doors are closed and secured.  The hitch is correctly attached and latched.

Regular Maintenance

•Checks Tires and Wheels

• Check the tire pressures and the tread are correct

• Check the condition of the tires. Include the rear tires of the towing vehicle in your inspection. Make sure that you are carrying a spare tire and that it is roadworthy.

• Make sure lug nuts are tight on all wheels.

• Lift the rubber mats after use and sweep or hose out the floor. Make sure the floor is completely dry and sprinkle baking soda on the floor before reinstalling the rubber mats.

Inside the Trailer

• Check carefully for any loose or protruding screws bolts inside the trailer.

• Check for bees or wasps.

• Check the partitions and all locks and bolts.

Outside the Trailer

• Safety Chains: Make sure they are secure and have no damage.

• Hitch: Look for loose bolts, hairline cracks, and other signs of wear. Check for proper hookup. (In conventional trailers, the socket should be seated on the ball and locked in place.)

• Check that all lights are in full working order including the marker, tail, brake, indicator and interior lights.

• Check that jacks and safety triangles or reflectors are in good working order in case of a breakdown.

Annual Maintenance Checks:

• Check the brake pads for wear and adjust or replace as necessary.

• Inspect the frame of the trailer for any damage

• Inspect all wires for loose connections or frayed coverings.

 • Wheels should be pulled and bearings checked and if necessary repacked.

• Check the floor for any rotting or major weakness, which may need repairing and if it is an aluminum floor, check for any corrosion.

• Check all the internal and external lights.


Hopefully these few tips will help you have a safe trailer experience.

Until next time, safe travels and Merry Christmas!

Anthony G 1

-Anthony Gelvin