Fun In The Sun: Sunshine Classic

What is not to love about sunshine and warmth in the month of March?  For those of us here at the office (Oklahoma), we were more than happy to pack up and head west to Cave Creek, AZ for a weekend.

Arizona Trip 030217 027-3

We were greeted by the warm Arizona sun and clear skies.  Our give away trailer had made its way out a couple of weeks prior with Randy Stamper.  By Thursday morning Dynamite Arena was crawling with team ropers from all over.  They were all there for one thing; The Western Horseman Sunshine Classic.

Arizona Trip 030217 435-31.jpg

The event was host to more than 100 team ropers over the age of forty the year prior.  The winners of the 2016 roping took home $10,000 each along with a brand new Martin saddle.  If that were all they took home, they would have made a haul.  However the prizes didn’t end there.  The winners then faced off to determine the winner of the two horse trophy trailer that was up for grabs.

This year was no different.  There was still big money up for grabs and this year that trophy trailer was a Hart Trailer.  These ropers were back for a great roping, a great time, and big winnings.  They were hungry.

This year the prizes consisted of a 75% payback, Martin trophy saddles, Gist buckles, YETI’s, Professional Choice saddle pads, and a brand new, beautifully wrapped, two horse Hart trailer.


Though the sun was out there was a bit of a breeze.  It was chilly for those of us on the ground but I’m sure it had to be a welcomed relief for those who were right in the middle of the action.

Arizona Trip 030217 436-32

For those of us working the show, well you could hardly call it work.  For us, we were right in the middle of our people.  It seemed like everyone had a smile on their face.  The atmosphere was something that cannot be found everywhere.  Dynamite Arena was an excellent host and the event went off without any hiccups.

Arizona Trip 030217 058-5Arizona Trip 030217 112-13Arizona Trip 030217 159-16Arizona Trip 030217 188-19Arizona Trip 030217 351-26Arizona Trip 030217 437-33Arizona Trip 030217 580-38Arizona Trip 030217 801-1

We had the opportunity to watch some incredible athletes.  The kind with two legs and the kind with four.  By early afternoon we were crowning our champs and sending them home with some of the very best prizes and products in the industry.



We would like to congratulate all of the winners from the event and give a special congratulations to Rick Shepard who took home the Hart trophy trailer.


A big thanks goes out to Western Horseman and Dynamite Arena for such an incredible experience and a wonderful event.  We were glad to team up with all of the other sponsors and take part in the Sunshine Classic.

Arizona Trip 030217 1366-46.jpg

Here at the office we are happy to be home but that’s not to say we wouldn’t like some of that Arizona sunshine to head this way.

Until next time,

-You Hart Team

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