Smart Tack LQ

First we gave to you the Smart Tack.  A tack room unlike any other in the industry.  A tack room and trailer designed just for YOU.  We pride ourselves in putting our customers first.  That means that we see room for improvement in every single concept that we compose.  We think that it is pretty hard to beat the design and efficiency of the Smart Tack trailer.  Still, we could not over look the question of “How can we make this even better?”.  That was the question that propelled us forward and the very question that landed us with the very latest in horse trailer innovation.  An all new Smart Tack.  A Smart Tack combined with a Living Quarters.  And not just any Living Quarter.  A top of the line Living Quarter brought to you by Outlaw Conversions.  Convenience and innovation marry at the highest level to give you the ultimate in life on the road.  The Smart Tack LQ. Everything you need. In one trailer.



At the end of the day it is all about you and your horses. They say history repeats itself. For the past 48 years we have had your back around every corner and through every twist and turn. We’ve provided you with safety, reliability, trust, comfort, convenience, customization, and longevity. The all new Smart Tack LQ is history with a twist. Everything you have come to expect from your Hart trailer over the last half a century with a little something extra. We’ve teamed up with Outlaw Conversions and we introduce to you the very first trailer of it’s kind.

Take a look inside the very first trailer of its kind.  We’d love to show you around!

Just in case you need a little review on the ‘Smart Tack’:



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