And Even Better…

We’ve taken one of your favorite trailers and made it even better.


Why?  Because we believe in you.  Our customer.  Our family.  We design every single trailer with you in mind.  Your needs are really our needs.  Safety, longevity, and convenience are at the forefront of every trailer that goes through our plant, from beginning to end.  We understand that all of these aspects are important to you.  At the end of the day, we want to make you happy and we take great responsibility in being an important part of your team.


Whether you are a professional competing at the top level or you are spending the weekend out on the trails with the ones you love, we take pride in getting you up and down the road.  However, our dedication to you doesn’t stop there.  We do not want to only get you up and down the road, rather we want to be a part of your life on the road.  It is this desire that has paved the way for what we are so excited to share with you in the coming weeks.


How?  We’ve taken two of the things you’ve requested the most and we’ve combined them.  This trailer really is ‘the trailer that you designed’.  A trailer that boasts our most popular customization options and a trailer that is the right trailer for a large range of equine enthusiasts.


What?  Well…that is the part you’ll have to wait for.  But we promise it will be well worth it!  For more than forty-eight years we have been the leader in horse trailer innovation and customization.  Why should the upcoming year be any different?  Our thoughts exactly.


Until next time,

-Your Hart Team


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