Because There Is Always More…

…to the story.  If you know much at all about us you know that we are a family owned and operated business.  Not only that but you may even know that we are still owned and operated by the original family that started this company more than forty-eight years ago.  Many folks would also define us by ‘customization’, ‘quality’, and ‘safety’.  All of these things are accurate and fitting and hats that we proudly put on and wear.  However, there is always more.

HCS 2016-515

Here at Hart we deeply value our customers and the needs that come with them.  We want to build a trailer that you feel safe in and that you can haul for years and years but we also want your Hart trailer to ‘fit’.  We want your Hart trailer to be as your very favorite pair of running shoes.  Don’t run?  What about that favorite T-shirt or pair of jeans?  You know, whatever is ‘old faithful’ in your life.  Why should your trailer be any different?  For those of us that haul, we know that a trailer can be a blessing or a curse.  Your best friend or your worst enemy.  Something you trust and rely on or something that causes you great anxiety and doubt.

These are all things that we are aware of when designing and manufacturing our trailers.  YOU are always on our minds.  Isn’t that how it should be though?  We think so.  Which brings me to the point of this article.

HCS 2016-436HCS 2016-407HCS 2016-430

We want to let you in on something.  Give you a closer look.  Remind you of just how important you are to us and give you a little insight to some of our inspiration.

With coffee (or lack there of actually), donuts, one of our designers, and some special guests we started our morning at 6:00 a.m.

HCS 2016-201HCS 2016-176

What were we doing?  Well…you see that is the part that you have to wait for.  But stay tuned and just like your favorite weather channel, “we’ll keep you advised.”

HCS 2016-129

Until next time,



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