Something Is Coming…

Something is coming. Something bigger than any single event of its kind. Something that will bring you Dale Brisby, Pete Oen, LJ Jenkins – PBR Bull Rider, Ross Coleman, Cody Custer, JW Hart / Hart Cattle Company, Evan Allard, Wacey Hart’s Miniature World Tour and many more! Live entertainment nightly. More than fifty separate events. Events for the pros and for the newbies. Music, food, entertainment, rodeo, racing, running with the bulls…..and Hart Trailer. We are proud to be the premier sponsor of the first ever Doxa Extreme Rodeo, hosted by the one and only Dale Brisby. We will be on hand with the top trailers in the industry, all available to YOU. Crawl in them, over them, under them, and thru them. Cover them from front to back. Ask questions. We like questions. If you have a need…we have an answer. So grab your gear, load your trailer, bring your beast and your family and hit the road to the only event of its kind. Mark your calendars for August 24th – 28th. Looking forward to connecting with you!

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