PM 100

Over the years as journalists and other professionals in the industry have come through our doors and toured our shop we have been accused on more than one occasion of ‘overbuilding’ our trailers.  In which we just reply with a smile because we know this by now, either you get it or you do not.  For those who ‘get it’, our trailers are seen as a token of love for our companions and teammates that give us 100%  every time we ask them to.


They are crafted in care to be able to withstand anything that they may encounter to the best of our ‘man-made’ ability.  They are built from the ground up with a passion that pays every attention to detail from the things that you will never see to the bells and the whistles that take your breath away upon first glance.  For those that get it, loading your partner up in a Hart Trailer says “I love you buddy”.

HUS 20

For those that don’t get it well we could take the short cuts that others in this industry sometimes take.  We could compromise the integrity of our trailers and chances are, you would never know it until it was too late.  On the outside we’d have all the bells and whistles but the minute someone didn’t see your trailer breaking for the sudden stop….well you’d find out just what your trailer is made of.  I have on more than one occasion seen the owners of this company send a trailer that was in line waiting to be picked up by the driver, BACK into the shop because a decal wasn’t just perfect.  A screw wasn’t sitting just right.  I remember the first time I witnessed this I thought “man…this is a company I want to be a part of because they CARE”.


The thing is that life happens.  We can’t side step ‘life’.  As a manufacturer we cannot build an indestructible trailer.  We can however build a trailer to the best of our ability and with the utmost integrity so that we can do our part to protect our customers and their beloved companions.

HUS 13

We are horse people also.  We go home to our four legged friends that depend on us for every meal and every trip to the vet.  We are HART TRAILER and we are looking out for YOU.

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