Things change. Traditions Remain.

Tradition.  Something that is passed on from generation to generation.  A way of doing something.  When it comes to Tradition, we here at Hart Trailer know a thing or two.  We’ve been a family owned an operated business for more than 46 years now.  We understand the importance of tradition and we appreciate the way that it brings us all together.

Over the years we have found that our customers are no different.  An individual that purchases a Hart trailer isn’t looking for the cheapest trailer on the road.  No.  They are looking for a trailer that will last them as long as they need it to.  They are looking for a trailer to take care of the ones they love.  The ones with four legs and the ones with two.  More often than not our Hart customers become part of the Hart family for life.  We share a common desire to pull the best.  Our motivations may differ from cowgirl to cowgirl or cowboy to cowboy but we are united non the less.  We are a family.

The story we are about to share is a perfect glimpse into the life of our Hart family.  They may not have the Hart last name and they zero kinship in flesh and blood to those who carry on the Hart name and legacy today.  But they are family.  They are one of us.  They are a part of something great.

Don and Marcia Menzer are long time Hart owners.  We have several wonderful customers who are the best advertisement available.  Money cannot buy what our customers do for us.  And for all of our customers, we are thankful.  Because you all matter.  Don and Marcia are no different.  In fact not long ago you watched one of their new trailers be built from the ground up here at the factory.  Later we posted a video of it as it was leaving the shop.

This past weekend one of our dealers, Paul Lambert of GFK Trailer Sales in Billings, Montana delivered a brand new two horse bumper to Don and Marcia’s granddaughters.  I asked Marcia if she wouldn’t mind sharing a little bit about her granddaughters and how they came to purchase a Hart trailer.  Marcia of course gladly jumped on board.  What you will read below are her very own words and their very own story.

Enjoy 🙂

Here’s where the love of horses began for our granddaughters a trip to Kansas to visit us in July, 2006.

Menzer Blog 1

Don and Marcia with their granddaughters, Nicole & Kaitlin during a visit in 2006

After their return home to Texas our twin granddaughters, Nicole & Kaitlin, ENCOURAGED their parents to find a place for them to take lessons.  The girls loved the activity & went to lessons every week, summer camps & competing with a drill team, riding lesson horses until November, 2013, when their parents, Michelle (our daughter) & Scott Oesterreicher were convenienced it wasn’t just a passing fancy for the girls & purchased them their own horses .

They found the family had lots to learn with the transition from lesson horses to caring for & owning horses and have been dedicated horse owners.  Nicole & Kaitlin have competed with the Synergy Drill Team for the past 4 years.  This year, they have attended a trail challenge clinic and are hoping to compete in Stock Horse of Texas shows.

So with a period of horse ownership under their belts & depending on others to haul their horses, Don & I started encouraging the purchase of a horse trailer to give them more independence & choice in their activities with the horses.  Naturally, I was discussing the need with Paul Lambert, so we started our recommendations … Hart Trailers & GFK Trailer Sales.  Our granddaughters are very serious minded & weren’t sure the family had enough experience in horse hauling to own a trailer … wouldn’t it be easier for Grandpa to come to Texas when needed????  I was talking to Paul one day & he told me about a 2-horse trailer he was having built for stock & would be available at the factory after the dealer meeting in May.  I put a bug in Michelle & Scott’s ear telling them this would be the PERFECT first trailer for the family.  Also stressing they better not hesitate as Paul was a “trailer selling machine” & it wouldn’t be available long.

Menzer Blog 2

The rest is history … they are now part of the Hart/GFK family.  Don & I couldn’t be more pleased our family is hauling the safest trailer build.  Also, they have Paul Lambert, our favorite Hart dealer, working with them & always available for questions & assistance.

Menzer Blog 3

Paul and the Oesterreicher family (Scott, Michelle, Nicole, Kaitlin & Julia) on delivery of their very first Hart trailer..

The Oesterreicher family (Scott, Michelle, Nicole, Kaitlin, & Julia) are all involved in clinics, lessons, sorting, and loving everything about owning horses & now loving their new trailer.  Nicole & Kaitlin had big smiles the first time (see photo) they loaded the horses & are looking forward to hauling their own horses to a sorting clinic Saturday.

Menzer Blog 4

Kaitlin & Nicole with their horses loaded in their brand new trailer.

Thanks to Tracy & Randy for taking time with our family on a very busy day.  Was so nice to see Paul again (never can say enough nice things about that guy) … the day couldn’t have worked out better.

HD B-3438 HD B-3431 HD B-3430

HD B-3454

Paul with Don and Marcia Menzer and their granddaughters. The Hart tradition continues. Just goes to show your last name doesn’t have to be ‘Hart’ to be a part of the Hart tradition.

Thanks Amanda for your interest in our family story with Hart Trailers, Paul Lambert, & GFK Trailer Sales.

Loyal & long time Hart/GFK customers,

Marcia & Don Menzer


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