New Website Tutorial

Awhile back we informed you all that we would be bringing some new and exciting things to the table in the year to come.  The first of which for 2015 is our brand new Hart Website ( This is something that has been in the works for a while now and we are so excited to finally have it up and running!  We feel that while our old website served it’s purpose, there were things that we could improve on.  And so with that in mind we set out to give you a site that was both inter-active and easy to navigate.  A site that could take you beyond the ‘norm’ and into your own world of custom trailer possibilities.  Over the next few months we will continue to build off of and mold our site into what you want and need.  We know that our website is the very first opportunity that we have to connect with our customers and because of that we strive to go above and beyond to give you the very best experience that we possibly can.

We would like to take a moment and walk you through some of the new things you will see on our new website as well as go into a little bit of detail about the how’s and why’s.

HomeHome Page

*This HART logo will get bigger when you scroll over it and will take you back to the HOME PAGE from any place on the site.


About Page

*Find out more about your HART team by clicking on this Hart Team tab.

*Video Library will be COMING VERY SOON.  Here you will find testimonies, promos, and product reviews as well as hauling tips and tricks!

About Hart Family

About Page: Hart Family

*As a family owned and operated company we feel that our roots serve a very important role in who we are today and where we are at.  In order to get a more up close and personal look at the people behind HART Trailer click this The Hart Family link.

About Hart Team

About Page: Hart Team

*When you click on the Hart Team link on the About page you can take a look at the individuals who represent Hart Trailer today.

*When you hover over the Meet Your or Hart Team text they will grow larger.  To take a closer look at your Hart Team members just click either one of the text.

Hart Team

About Page: Hart Team: Meet Your Hart Team

*Use the side arrows to scroll through Hart Representatives.

*Get in touch directly by clicking on the email address from a smart phone or tablet.

TrailersTrailers Page

*Models Panel: Take a look at all of our different types of trailers here.

*Options/Color Shop/Spec Sheets:  These are specialty areas of the trailer portion of the website.  This portion is not entirely complete yet but we will continue to add to it over the next few months.

Both panels will be available to click on no matter what trailer model you are under.  This allows for easy navigation through this portion of the website.

However when you select the OPTIONS tab the side panel where the models are will change to the full options panel.  Please see below:

OptionsTrailers Page: Options

*Full Options Panel

Tack Room Options

Trailers Page: Options: Tack Rooms

There will be multiple sub options listed under the main options panel.  These are categorized in order to make navigation easier for our customers.  Just choose what area of the trailer you are interested in and follow the tabs from there.

Tack Room Options Floor PlansTrailers Page:Options: Tack Rooms: Floor Plans

*Use the solid arrows in the thumbnail gallery to navigate thumbnails.

*Click on any individual thumbnail to view it in the viewing gallery to the right.

*Please note the Picture description on the bottom right of the gallery.

*Use the arrows next to the page header to navigate the rest of the ‘sub options’ under the Main Options selected (in the case Tack Rooms).

ModelTrailer Page: MVP Model

*The MVP Model is selected.

*The picture gallery will contain a wide range of MVP’s.

*To view the Model Floor Plan and Model Specs click on the Model Series Specs & Floor Plans tab at the bottom right of the gallery.

TypeTrailer Page: MVP Model: Type

*Then choose if you would like to view a Bumper Pull or a Gooseneck

NumberTrailer Page: MVP Model: Number

*Now choose how many horses you would like to haul.

Floor PlanTrailer Page: MVP Model: 2Horse Floor Plan

Depending on what type and number you chose you will now be at a specific model’s floor plan.  In this case a M2HB.

*Click the ‘Gallery’ tab to view pictures of this specific model.

*Click the Back arrow on the bottom left to go back and choose a different number (horse load number).

*Click the Spec Sheet tab to view specifics


*Click the Floor Plan tab to go back to the Floor Plan Page.

*Click the Color Selector to choose your color for your new trailer!

Color Selector White

*Click the back arrow to go back to the Floor Plan for this model.Color Selector Charcoal

*Click the solid arrows to choose different color options.

(Color Selector is not yet available on all models but will be in the near future!)


Parts Page

*Please Note the To Order instructions.

*All of our Parts Categories will be listed on the right hand side of the page no matter what page you are on in the Parts Department.  Select any of these categories to go to that part of the Parts Department.

*After you know which parts you need (part number, quantities, and lengths if applicable just click on the red shopping cart to order)

(Due to the nature of our parts, you cannot pay for parts directly online.  When you submit your desired order a Hart rep will then email you an order confirmation.  After you confirm that it is correct we will contact you to collect your card information.  This gives you the opportunity to check that we have submitted the correct parts for your order and helps eliminate mistakes)

Part Type

Parts Page: Aluminum Extrusion

*Use solid arrows to navigate the thumbnail gallery.

*Click on any thumbnail to view.

*Note the Part # and Price as the thumbnails change.

*You can always double check where you are at in the parts department by viewing the RED Footer at the bottom of the gallery.

Order Form

Parts Page: Order Form

*Note the IMPORTANT information to your left before you order.  This will eliminate confusion later on.

*Be sure that ALL of these red stars are filled in or your order will not be counted.

*Click the Submit button to order.  This will cause a prompt page to come up and let you know that your order has been sent.  If you do not see this page, please double check your form to ensure you have provided us with all of the information requested.

RepairRepair Page

*Be sure that all of the red stars are filled in or your request cannot be processed.

DealersDealer Page

Find out tons of information on our Dealers and what we can offer you right here!  You will have the ability to connect with us on the road and get an up close and personal look at our newest trailers and features.

Connect With Us On The RoadDealer Page: Connect With Us On The Road

*Red days are days that we have dealers at shows and are a chance for you to meet and greet.

*Click on the Red days OR the LIST icon at the bottom of the calendar to view specifics about the events going on that day or that month.

Detailed Cal.Dealer Page: Connect With Us On The Road

*List View of events.

*Click on the address to prompt navigation on your smart phone or tablet.

There are many many more features to keep an eye out for in the near future.  We hope that you find this little walk through beneficial and easy to follow.  If you have any questions as always please feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to help you!

Have a great weekend!

-Your Hart Team


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