Time For A Facelift

If you are checking out our blog for the first time you may disregard the title.  If however you check back often to see what is going on here at the plant,  well you might have noticed that this isn’t the old watering hole.  It is however a great place to hangout and stay up to date on your favorite trailers, dealers, and the rest of us here at Hart!  So we hope that you will stick around!

In the future you can expect to see testimonials from the mouths of our customers themselves (have one? give us a call!), featured dealers, show re-caps, product information, and other exciting happenings here at the plant.

Ruidoso 0714 135aphotos courtesy of Oklahoma_Horses

Coming Soon:  A recap of this years All American Futurity at Ruidoso Downs, New Mexico.  A couple of us will be heading that way for the festivities and excitement!  Are you planning on going?  If so document parts of your trip and email us here at the office.  We would love to feature your 2014 All American Experience along side ours!  You may post on our Facebook wall, post on instagram and hashtag (#) #harttrailerAA2014, or you may just email us @awilliams@harttrailer.com.

Need a bigger challenge?  Spot one or both of us at the races, come say hi and we may just hook you up with a T-shirt or a hat.  Who is going?  Well that is the challenging part…for you 🙂  But we will give you a hint.


she likes to hide in trailers and her first name starts with a ‘T’.



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