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We want to tell a story. YOUR story. We’ve been manufacturing trailers for fifty years now. We clearly understand that we are only able to do what we do because of YOU and what you do, and how you live, and how you use YOUR Hart Trailer. Today we are inviting you to share your Hart Trailer experience with us. We are looking for four HART STORIES to showcase in the year of 2018. No experience is more important than another. In the end, your experiences allow us to continue to put quality trailers on the road. We know that no two experiences are alike and for that reason we have divided up submissions into five different categories. You may choose any one of the five topics below to write about. We want to make it clear that we are not looking for the best writers. This is not a writing competition. It is just a way for you to share your Hart experience with us.. By submitting your story, you are giving us permission to use your story, your name and any photographs or videos submitted, on our website, social media platforms, and or print. There is not one thing in particular that we are looking for. Simply put, we just want to tell YOUR STORY. The four stories chosen to be featured this year will be notified on the 14th of February. All participants must be willing to work with us by providing photographs, being available for possible video and photoshoots, and allowing us to use such elements to tell their story. Each of the four stories chosen, will receive a very special, limited edition, 50th anniversary Hart Trailer, trophy halter. These are not something you can purchase and there will not be any more of them produced. Each halter carries a value of $150.

We cannot wait to hear from YOU!  Thank you for fifty years of business and a family and community that extends far beyond these walls and our own flesh can blood.

You can enter this unique opportunity below by clicking the link!  Just follow these instructions and you will be entered!

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Hart Trailer Safety Check

I thought it would be a good time to remind existing trailer owners and for the new horse trailer owners, go over a few Horse Trailer safety checklist items.

 Check the following items before hauling.

1.      Clean your horse trailer out after every use.  Even with rubber mats, the urine and manure will take their toll on the floor if they are left to sit.

2.      Regularly washing the exterior of the trailer will make the trailer generally last longer as well as give you the opportunity to inspect the entire trailer for broken or missing items as well as any damage that may have occurred.

3.      Check all hinges, springs and latches to make sure they are secure and in good working order.

4.      The trailer hitch itself should be kept well lubricated and should be checked for missing or damaged parts. Make sure the safety chains are in good condition.

5.      Inspect the jack to make sure it is working properly (manual/electric/or hydraulic).

6.      The brakes should be checked every time the trailer is hitched to make sure they are working

7.      Check the tire pressure and condition of all the tires (don’t forget the spare).

Before you hitch up  –  Make sure your tow vehicle is rated to tow the weight.  Check the hitch. Check the balance of the trailer.  Make sure the trailer is level and all of the lights and brakes are working.

 HUS 119

Before you load up – Check the trailer for bees or wasps.  Remove any molding hay or feed.  Check to make sure that all dividers and latches work properly.

Before you leave –  Walk all the way around the rig.  Make sure that all doors are closed and secured.  The hitch is correctly attached and latched.

Regular Maintenance

•Checks Tires and Wheels

• Check the tire pressures and the tread are correct

• Check the condition of the tires. Include the rear tires of the towing vehicle in your inspection. Make sure that you are carrying a spare tire and that it is roadworthy.

• Make sure lug nuts are tight on all wheels.

• Lift the rubber mats after use and sweep or hose out the floor. Make sure the floor is completely dry and sprinkle baking soda on the floor before reinstalling the rubber mats.

Inside the Trailer

• Check carefully for any loose or protruding screws bolts inside the trailer.

• Check for bees or wasps.

• Check the partitions and all locks and bolts.

Outside the Trailer

• Safety Chains: Make sure they are secure and have no damage.

• Hitch: Look for loose bolts, hairline cracks, and other signs of wear. Check for proper hookup. (In conventional trailers, the socket should be seated on the ball and locked in place.)

• Check that all lights are in full working order including the marker, tail, brake, indicator and interior lights.

• Check that jacks and safety triangles or reflectors are in good working order in case of a breakdown.

Annual Maintenance Checks:

• Check the brake pads for wear and adjust or replace as necessary.

• Inspect the frame of the trailer for any damage

• Inspect all wires for loose connections or frayed coverings.

 • Wheels should be pulled and bearings checked and if necessary repacked.

• Check the floor for any rotting or major weakness, which may need repairing and if it is an aluminum floor, check for any corrosion.

• Check all the internal and external lights.


Hopefully these few tips will help you have a safe trailer experience.

Until next time, safe travels and Merry Christmas!

Anthony G 1

-Anthony Gelvin

All American Weekend 2014

Because it is that time a year again and this one is worth a ‘reblog’.


Nestled somewhere in the mountains of New Mexico lies a town that if visited between the months of October and January appears to be sleepy at best.  Condominiums and even some stores looks as if though one day residents just picked up and left.  Like the deserted towns of old.  Life just stopped one day.  And to an extent in many cases that is exactly what happened.  This happens every year during the first week of September.

AA14 45

See Ruidoso isn’t just ‘any’ mountain town thriving with tourists during peek seasons of the year.  Ruidoso Downs is home to the richest, most prestigious quarter horse race in the world.  The All American Futurity was started in 1959, with a purse of $129,686.85 and has ran every labor day weekend since.  Every year from May through September equine athletes and enthusiasts alike call Ruidoso Downs home.  Home away from home, because that…

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50 Years

Hart 50th AC A (108 of 127)

Hart Trailer was founded in 1968 and has been family owned and operated ever since. In today’s fast pace ever changing world of business, this is no easy task. Take a look at some of the faces behind the globally recognized HART Trailer logo seen on trailers around the world. Looking forward to another 50 years of serving the horse industry. Thank you for choosing Hart.

Hart 50th AC A (77 of 127)

The Man Who Raised Hart Trailers

Hart 50th AC A (105 of 127)

Anthony Hart.  A name recognized by many in an industry where names come and go just as quickly as the latest fads.  Anthony Hart along with his wife Kay Hart, are responsible for nearly five decades of growing, raising, and nurturing a brand loved by so many.  Mr. and Mrs. Hart have raised three daughters along with a company that might as well have been the fourth.

Here at Hart we are approaching the celebration of fifty years of manufacturing quality horse trailers.  Fifty years in any industry is something to be recognized.  Fifty years in an industry that is so easily and directly effected by the direction of the wind is even more incredible.  Over the next few months we will be taking you into the very heart of this amazing company.  We know that we would not be where we are today without our incredible customers that are also our friends and our family.  We have so much in store for you and we cannot wait to share!  Part of that journey begins here.

A rare walk through the very family tree that is the flesh and blood of a company that so proudly wears the name as a badge of honor, that is visible on every single trailer that we have ever put on the road.

Hart 50th AC A (67 of 127)

This morning I set down with Tracy Hart, the daughter of Anthony and Kay Hart.  After decades spent out here herself, Tracy officially took the reins in 2010.  Being the daughter of a couple who worked hard every single day to see their company succeed has come with so many lessons and invaluable tidbits of wisdom that most do not get the opportunity to glean.  I gave Tracy seven questions about her father, Anthony Hart, and asked her to give me her take.  Keep reading to see what she had to say!

How old was your Dad when he became a part of Hart Trailers?

“Dad started when he was 28 in 1968.”

How long did your Dad come into the office every day and the plant?

“For forty-eight years, he was here everyday.”

What hats did your Dad wear in his years at Hart Trailers?

“When dad came here, he did everything with the exception of invoicing and payroll. When we first started there were around seven employees so dad was very hands on.  He sold, welded, trimmed, cut parts, pretty much anything else that needed to be done.  He said “when we first started I had to learn how to build the product and how to develop it into a quality trailer.  I was the new kid on the block and was trying to get the trailers started and put out the best trailer I could.”.

What do you admire most about your Dad’s approach to his time behind the wheel at Hart?

“I have always admired his attention to detail and building such a quality trailer.  He was always sure that whatever we did at Hart Trailers, we did to the very best of our ability.   The fact that he never took short cuts, which is the reason we have trailers that are thirty to forty years old still going down the road.  He was playfully teased my entire life over the fact that everything had to be ‘industrial strength’.  It didn’t matter if he was hanging a picture on a wall or building a trailer.  It’s that attitude that I carry with me today and will continue to carry with me as long as I’m running this company.  We will always build the very best trailer that we can because it is the standard that my father set and one that I will never let leave this company.”
Hart 50th AC A (27 of 127)
What character trait do you think people notice first about your Dad?

“I think people recognize his honesty first and then his kindness and gentleness. He also tends to be a man of few words so when he speaks people tend to listen.”

Are there any funny stories you want to share about your Dad and anything that has happened during his time at Hart?

“I think Dad has always been a very humble man who never saw himself any different than any of his employees.”

Hart 50th AC A (108 of 127)

What area of Hart Trailers do you think that Anthony Hart has influenced the most?

“Quality and friendliness. Those two because he would only accept the best for the trailers and friendliness because he always cared and it shows still today in the number of long term employees that we have. “

Thank you Tracy, for taking the time to answer these questions.


Hart 50th AC A (77 of 127)

Thank you Anthony and Kay for setting such a standard and for laying the groundwork for something that is so much more than just another ‘trailer company’.

For the rest of you, stay tuned and we will definitely have more to come!



Fun In The Sun: Sunshine Classic

What is not to love about sunshine and warmth in the month of March?  For those of us here at the office (Oklahoma), we were more than happy to pack up and head west to Cave Creek, AZ for a weekend.

Arizona Trip 030217 027-3

We were greeted by the warm Arizona sun and clear skies.  Our give away trailer had made its way out a couple of weeks prior with Randy Stamper.  By Thursday morning Dynamite Arena was crawling with team ropers from all over.  They were all there for one thing; The Western Horseman Sunshine Classic.

Arizona Trip 030217 435-31.jpg

The event was host to more than 100 team ropers over the age of forty the year prior.  The winners of the 2016 roping took home $10,000 each along with a brand new Martin saddle.  If that were all they took home, they would have made a haul.  However the prizes didn’t end there.  The winners then faced off to determine the winner of the two horse trophy trailer that was up for grabs.

This year was no different.  There was still big money up for grabs and this year that trophy trailer was a Hart Trailer.  These ropers were back for a great roping, a great time, and big winnings.  They were hungry.

This year the prizes consisted of a 75% payback, Martin trophy saddles, Gist buckles, YETI’s, Professional Choice saddle pads, and a brand new, beautifully wrapped, two horse Hart trailer.


Though the sun was out there was a bit of a breeze.  It was chilly for those of us on the ground but I’m sure it had to be a welcomed relief for those who were right in the middle of the action.

Arizona Trip 030217 436-32

For those of us working the show, well you could hardly call it work.  For us, we were right in the middle of our people.  It seemed like everyone had a smile on their face.  The atmosphere was something that cannot be found everywhere.  Dynamite Arena was an excellent host and the event went off without any hiccups.

Arizona Trip 030217 058-5Arizona Trip 030217 112-13Arizona Trip 030217 159-16Arizona Trip 030217 188-19Arizona Trip 030217 351-26Arizona Trip 030217 437-33Arizona Trip 030217 580-38Arizona Trip 030217 801-1

We had the opportunity to watch some incredible athletes.  The kind with two legs and the kind with four.  By early afternoon we were crowning our champs and sending them home with some of the very best prizes and products in the industry.



We would like to congratulate all of the winners from the event and give a special congratulations to Rick Shepard who took home the Hart trophy trailer.


A big thanks goes out to Western Horseman and Dynamite Arena for such an incredible experience and a wonderful event.  We were glad to team up with all of the other sponsors and take part in the Sunshine Classic.

Arizona Trip 030217 1366-46.jpg

Here at the office we are happy to be home but that’s not to say we wouldn’t like some of that Arizona sunshine to head this way.

Until next time,

-You Hart Team

That’s a Wrap!


Impressions Printing just finished printing and installing this beautiful trailer wrap for us.  This trailer will be given away at this year’s 2017 Western Horseman Sunshine Classic held in Cave Creek Arizona on March 2nd.

In 2016 the Dynamite Arena in Cave Creek, AZ hosted more than one hundred team ropers over the age of forty in a #10 roping.  The winners of that roping each won $10,000 and trophy Martin saddles.  They then faced off to determine the winner of the two horse trophy trailer.

This year, competitors will again be competing for a seventy-five percent payback, Martin trophy saddles, Gist buckles, YETI’s, Professional Choice saddle pads, and a shot at this two horse Hart trailer that will go to the high-money winner!  The second high-money winner will receive a heel-o-matic.

The Sunshine Classic is a #10 with a #8 incentive, that is capped at 6 and open to ropers over 40.  It is a five-steer, progressive after 4 with a $500 entry fee and ropers have the option to enter twice.

Cash and Cactus Saddles will be awarded to the winner of the #8 incentive.  Western Horseman prints will be presented to the top head and heel horses of the roping.  The roping is limited to 200 teams.  Ropers can pre-enter by calling (719)651-3394 or on site.

You can visit for the information.  Also don’t forget that you can get more information for this event right here on their event page on Facebook!


Until next time!  We’ll see some of you in Arizona this spring!




View Event Flyer right here:

Dynamite WH SunshineClassic 2017