Your WCHA 2019 Youth Champion

We’ve had the privilege of following our Youth Ambassadors around all year and what an inspiration it has been!  these students are motivated, goal oriented, and inspiring individuals that have been an example to us all.

Recently we shared with you that Carlee Farrell, one of our two ambassadors for 2019, won the 2019 WCHA Youth Championship on her horse Cougars First Lady.

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We were able to track down a few photos of Carlee and Cougar at the Hardy Murphy Coliseum in Ardmore, OK (thanks Mom) and we though that we would share.






Congrats Carlee!  We are so proud of you and Cougar!

“It’s What’s On the Inside That Counts”

Have you ever heard that phrase?  So have we. And we think it’s true!  Have you been inside of a Hart trailer lately?  Have you been inside of a Hart trailer ever?  If the answer to either of these questions is ‘no’, we’re glad that you’re here.  If the answer is yes, we’re still glad that you’re here.

Today we are going to take a closer look at the part of our trailers that you see least often, the interior.  You know that part where you put that treasured member of your family that you love so much.  That part where your partner spends the majority of his or her time on the road.

While structural integrity, safety, functionality and longevity are the building blocks to every trailer that we build, we believe that they shouldn’t stop with the shell.  There is more to every trailer than meets the eye.  Of course those bells and whistles are nice.  Who doesn’t love a stainless beauty trucking down the road.  Those stand alone wheels, radius rear corner posts, and lights for days.  That living quarter is NICE, brought to you by one of our trusted conversion partners, complete with everything you would ever need in your home away from home.  But what about the horse compartment?  You see, all of those concepts that go in to making the rest of your trailer phenomenal are carried into the part of the trailer that we see the least.

Let’s take a look!

T8HG BLK 06242016-33

Drop Down Windows complete with Safety Bar Grills on Head Side of Trailer: Our view

T8HG BLK 06242016-50

Drop Down Windows complete with Safety Bar Grills on Head Side of Trailer: Your horse’s view

Your horse can ride comfortably with plenty of head room, stall space, and mangers for feeding on the road.

We take great care with every trailer that comes out of our plant to avoid sharp edges, corners and lines that could potentially harm the horses that will one day be using the trailer.

T8HG BLK 06242016-38

It is important to us to create the safest possible trailer that we can so that our customers can haul with the assurance that their horses are in the best possible ride that they can be in.

T8HG BLK 06242016-57

Another great feature found in all of our trailers is that our dividers do not swing when trying to load and unload making it far less likely that your horse will catch a shoulder or hip in the process.  Notice how they all lay flat against the head side when opened.

T8HG BLK 06242016-52

Solid Divider

T8HG BLK 06242016-54

Solid Divider with Stud Panel


Bar Type Divider


Bar Type Divider & Rear Drop Down Windows

We always say that the difference is in the details and with a Hart Trailer, they really are.  We strive to only put the best quality of materials in our trailers.  If you get a chance to spend even two minutes in one of our trailers, you will be able to visibly see the difference.


High Quality Stall Pad on Slant Wall


High Quality Stall Pad on Divider


Head Pad on Rear Door

T8HG BLK 06242016-29

Rear Drop Down Windows on Hip Side: Our view

T8HG BLK 06242016-61

Rear Drop Down Windows Hip Side: interior view

Drops on the hip side are great for extra ventilation and for tending to your horses without unloading them.

As you can see, we put great effort into EVERY part of your Hart Trailer.  It is always our goal to put our customers in the very best trailer that money can buy.  We hope that you’ve enjoyed this look inside of our trailers.  If you have any questions or think you are ready to design your very own, custom Hart Trailer, give us a call or email us and we will put you in touch with one of our certified Hart Trailer Dealers.

Until next time,


Amanda Williams / Media & Marketing


At the Trailer with Joby Bush

One of the things we wanted to implement this year was a segment called ‘At the Trailer with: _______’.  For our first segments we thought who better than to represent us and show us around their trailers than our youth ambassadors?  So we asked Carlee and Joby to put together a short little tour of their trailers and how they use them.

As you can see, the first segment is with Joby.  This is his Hart trailer and this is what he had to say:

Dealer Spotlight: The Trailer Store

What is the history of the dealership?

In 1985, several years after graduating from Sam Houston State University, I wanted to do something that related to my Ag degree.  The idea of selling horse trailers became a reality, allowing me the option to deal in horse, livestock, cargo and utility trailers.  After several years of working for another person and with partners, I decided it was time to go into business for myself in 2003.  So, my wife Mitsy and myself formed a corporation.  Thus began “The Trailer Store, Inc.” in Hunstville, Texas where I had lived since 1966.  I started out with a portable building on a piece of ground next to a truck stop, with no water or sewer.

Trey Alred came on board shortly after graduating from SHSU and is now my General Manager.  In 2009, we built the existing 6000 sq. ft. building on 8.5 acres next to Interstate 45 with a spacious showroom and office complex plus state-of-the-art shop.  Abraham Rios is our Shop Supervisor.  Paula Moak has worked part time for several years as our receptionist and C.J. Batten, joining us in 2014, handles the books.

At this dealership, “We Make Excitement Affordable”, by giving the customers a fair price and great customer service.

What made you want to carry the Hart Trailer brand on your lot?

I was in search of an additional line of trailers for business, but not just any brand.  I wanted superior quality-made trailers and a proven manufacturer.  Hart definitely meets both of those criteria.

What types of Hart Trailers do you generally carry on your lot?


Non-Living Quarters Trailers

I think people who want the premium quality of a Hart Trailer, would be more likely to custom order a trailer to get just what they wanted.

Do you attend many shows on the road?

I used to but not anymore.  With the powerful effect of the internet and Horse Trailer World, I can reach more customers and take care of them better by staying at the dealership.

How can customers connect with you?

Our website,, Facebook, Horse Trailer World, or down the rodeo trail.

Do you have any specials going on right now? If so, what?

Not at this time.

What is the best thing about being a Hart Dealer?

There is a reason that for over fifty years, Hart has been known as the Ferrari of the horse trailer industry, QUALITY.  By selling quality trailers, you don’t have to worry about warranty issues or unhappy customers.

In your opinion, what is the best Hart model on the market today and why?

sm w ae2 (2 of 2)

4 Horse Smart Tack – appeals to wide range of horse owners.

What would you tell a customer that is trying to decide whether or not to invest in a Hart trailer?

If you’re looking for a trailer to last and maintain its resale value, you should get a Hart.  Most times the cheapest can be the most expensive in the long run.

Thank you Rusty for taking the time to share your dealership and your history with us!

If you are in the area or looking for a Hart trailer be sure and check out The Trailer Store!

660A I-45 North, Huntsville, TX 77320
Office: 936-295-2212
Cell: 936-355-6329

Until next time,


Amanda Williams / Media & Marketing



What’s In A Hart?

A trailer is a trailer so long as it serves your needs. Does brand integrity really matter? Chances are, you’ve already answered this question in your head. What was your answer? To many, this statement might be very true. Unless, you’ve been in a position to make you think twice, why shouldn’t it be? And it might be…true. That is, until your life and the lives of your animals count on it.

How important is brand integrity then? See, these are things that we think about before your trailer is ever drawn in CAD. This is something that our owners, engineers and purchaser think and re-think and think some more over. These are questions that this manufacturer does not take lightly. So WHAT is in a Hart trailer?

Well first, lets take a look at why it matters in the first place.  Here Robert recounts the day that the structural and brand integrity of his Hart stepped up to the plate.

That is what we want you to know!  Rather than hide the components that make up our trailers we want to take you inside and out of every aspect that makes your Hart a HART!



Rectangular upright posts

  • 33% stronger than the C-shaped posts used by most manufacturers.


Heavy duty channel-type-double-framed insulated doors

  • a quality detail pioneered by HART that is stronger, more durable and weather resistant.


Integrated I-beam cross members on 6″ centers

  • the closest in the industry


Heavy duty door hinges

  • 1/4″ thick wall aluminum extrusion stock with pressed-in stainless steel hinge pins with stainless steel washers between upper and lower half of the hinge, quality unmatched in the industry


Superior gooseneck hitch assembly

  • 42″ long structural support gusset from coupler to steel assembly, the strongest in the industry


6″ radius top rail .125″ thick  

  • Welded and cam-bolted to full length 1″ x 2.5″ rectangular tube.

Fully insulated, 1/2″ thick fiberglass composite roof panel

  •  the ultimate in climate control, quietness and strength.


Interlocking, tongue and groove floor

  • the strongest flooring POSSIBLE
  • .140″ thick, 20% thicker than the industry ‘standard’

These are the flagship features that make a Hart trailer, a HART.  It’s not just about a name, or a sticker, or a preconceived notion about our product.  It’s about how our product can be used, and used, and used again and still maintain the same integrity that it left our floor with.  It’s about standing up to the pressure when it really counts.  When everything is on the line.  When all bets are off and its about the guts and the workmanship of the trailer.

You see…these features are not industry ‘standard’.  If we were only satisfied with meeting an industry ‘standard’,  we could build a trailer with much less cost, much less time and a much larger profit margin.  If an industry standard was our greatest concern, we’d build a trailer unworthy of the integrity that we have spent the last fifty-one years cementing behind our name.  But it’s never been about an accepted standard for us.

It’s always been about building a trailer that would do the job and then some.  Building a trailer that you pay for ONCE and that continues to give back.  Most of all it has been about building a trailer that we are proud of that keeps it’s occupants as safe and as comfortable as possible.  Safety and integrity are number one for us.  We hope that none of our Hart owners ever have to find out how tough their trailer really is.  But in the case that you do find yourself in the middle of the fire, we want you to know that we’ve done our very best to have your back.  Not just once, but for the life of the trailer.  We care.  We are Hart trailer owners as well and we have to have the same faith that you do when we load up our loved ones to go down the road.

For more photos of Roberts accident, check out the photos below!

You can see where the radius corner post came into play.  It is still hard to imagine that the car that hit him was doing roughly 65 miles per hour while Robert remained at a standstill.  After the accident, the emblem of the other vehicle was found in his rear rack compartment.

The impact of the crash pushed the trailer off of the ball and into the truck.

Fortunately, the horses only had a couple of scrapes and nothing major other than being a tad shaken up from the accident.  This in itself is a true miracle!

You can see the door from the rear tack compartment.  Overall, the horse compartment aside from a busted divider latch remained very much intact.

Thank you Robert for sharing your story with us and for allowing us to give everyone a first hand look at the outcome.  We give thanks to God for protecting you and your horses as well as the others involved.

Until next time,


Amanda Williams / Media & Marketing

Trailer Tuesday: Darcy Murray

Every now and then we like to showcase trailers that are not new.  We like to give you a look at some of the ones that have a little more miles on them.  A few more stories to tell.  And we like to give you a glimpse into the lives of some other members in our Hart Trailer community.  Today,  we join Darcy Murray as she tells us what lead her to her Hart Trailer as she talks to us a little about how she uses her trailer and what her ‘why’
20 year old and 24 year old appies next to 21 year old Hart Darcy Dean Murray
“I started looking for a horse trailer in August of 2017, with the pending hurricane season approaching.  I wanted a way to evacuate if need be. My uncle, who is a horse professional, trainer, farrier, etc. was dying of lung cancer and wanted to help me find one and get the girls to load before he passed away.”
Darcy Dean Murray 4

Uncle Eric

“They hadn’t been in a trailer in 17 years and my mare is quite stubborn.  I knew nothing about horse trailers but my friend is a ‘trailer snob’ and knows tons.  The pictures of the trailers I was sending her were unacceptable to her and so she went on her own mission to find me something and she did.  She found me this 1998 2 Horse Slant Hart trailer, she stated was the “Cadillac of horse trailers”.    The dealership was an hour away and with my Chevy Traverse I pulled it, no problem.  I was surprised how light it was and didn’t even know it was there.  My uncle, with cane in hand, climbed in, out, and around and told me, “it’s mint, buy it!”
“We brought it home and spent weeks teaching the girls to go in and out of it, which was a little challenging as my mare, Gabby (Alice was Eric’s horse)  was protesting.   As Eric’s health deteriorated, our training exercises became successful and eventually they loaded, lead over shoulders. What an exciting day!  I couldn’t wait to begin our newfound freedom in park exploration.”
Darcy Dean Murray 3
“Unfortunately, my uncle passed away a week later.”
Darcy Dean Murray 5
“As irony would have it, the girls’ maiden voyage in OUR new Hart trailer was to his memorial service!  There were over 35 riders in attendance.”
Darcy also helps to transport donkeys from time to time for her friend’s donkey rescue.
Donkies Darcy Dean Murray
Darcy notes that sometimes they are hard to load.  We think most, that have any experience with these awesome critters would give a big nod to that statement.
Darcy Dean Murray 1
Darcy, thank you for taking the time to share a little of your life with us!  We hope that you get many more years out of your trailer and that it continues to serve it’s purpose well in your life.
Until next time,

Amanda Williams / Media & Marketing

Dealer Spotlight: Bergman Trailer Sales


What is the history of the dealership?

We are a new dealership and we started because of Hart Trailers. Established in 2015, we want to bring a quality trailer to the great state of Alaska.  Most people have to travel “outside,” meaning the lower 48, to find a trailer and haul it back.  Currently, we are working on establishing a fleet of trailers in “The Last Frontier”.

How long have you been a Hart Trailer dealer?

We have been a Hart Trailer Dealer since our inception. (2015)

What made you want to carry the Hart Trailer brand on your lot?

We carry Hart Trailers because their beliefs align with ours, quality over quantity. The outstanding quality and attention to detail they bring to every horse trailer produced is everything a horse owner should be looking for in a new trailer.  The ability to customize the trailer to suit your needs for whatever environment you live in is highly attractive.

How can customers connect with you?

Customers can reach us via Facebook at Cy Saddlery and Bergman Trailer Sales, via email at or via phone at 907-350-4046.

What is the best thing about being a Hart Dealer?

Best thing about Hart- I love that Hart is a family business. They genuinely care about the needs of the customer and the comfort and safety of the horse.  The very first horse trailer I ever pulled was a 1995, Hart, 4 Horse Bumper pull trailer.  I worked for a horse trainer, and it was his prized trailer.  What I didn’t realize at the time was it was setting a standard which influenced all other trailers I would ever pull in the future.  No other trailer compared to it!  Fast forward to now, I would not put my horse in anything else!

In your opinion, what is the best Hart model on the market today and why?

My favorite trailer Hart currently produces is the Tradition, 4 Horse, Gooseneck with the Smart Tack. So much storage and an excellent set up!

HCS 2016-176

HD B-3303

sm w ae2 (2 of 2)

What would you tell a customer that is trying to decide whether or not to invest in a Hart trailer?

Why Hart? Why not?  You are investing in a trailer that stands the test of time.  Recently, a friend and I hauled a horse from Washington State to Alaska in her 1999, Hart, 3 Horse, Gooseneck Trailer.  We traveled the twenty-three hundred miles with horse in tow, camping in the dressing room all the way up the Alaska Canada (Alcan) Highway.  Once we arrived at our destination in Wasilla, Alaska we unloaded our precious cargo, and he stepped off the Hart Trailer in better condition than he stepped in it in Washington.  It was a testimony to the quality in which Hart builds their trailers.


We would like to give a BIG thank you to Bergman Trailer Sales for taking the time to share their thoughts with us and allow us to get to know the ins and out of their dealership a little better!

Until next time,


Amanda Williams Media & Marketing