And Even Better…

We’ve taken one of your favorite trailers and made it even better.


Why?  Because we believe in you.  Our customer.  Our family.  We design every single trailer with you in mind.  Your needs are really our needs.  Safety, longevity, and convenience are at the forefront of every trailer that goes through our plant, from beginning to end.  We understand that all of these aspects are important to you.  At the end of the day, we want to make you happy and we take great responsibility in being an important part of your team.


Whether you are a professional competing at the top level or you are spending the weekend out on the trails with the ones you love, we take pride in getting you up and down the road.  However, our dedication to you doesn’t stop there.  We do not want to only get you up and down the road, rather we want to be a part of your life on the road.  It is this desire that has paved the way for what we are so excited to share with you in the coming weeks.


How?  We’ve taken two of the things you’ve requested the most and we’ve combined them.  This trailer really is ‘the trailer that you designed’.  A trailer that boasts our most popular customization options and a trailer that is the right trailer for a large range of equine enthusiasts.


What?  Well…that is the part you’ll have to wait for.  But we promise it will be well worth it!  For more than forty-eight years we have been the leader in horse trailer innovation and customization.  Why should the upcoming year be any different?  Our thoughts exactly.


Until next time,

-Your Hart Team

HCS 2016-21

Because There Is Always More…

…to the story.  If you know much at all about us you know that we are a family owned and operated business.  Not only that but you may even know that we are still owned and operated by the original family that started this company more than forty-eight years ago.  Many folks would also define us by ‘customization’, ‘quality’, and ‘safety’.  All of these things are accurate and fitting and hats that we proudly put on and wear.  However, there is always more.

HCS 2016-515

Here at Hart we deeply value our customers and the needs that come with them.  We want to build a trailer that you feel safe in and that you can haul for years and years but we also want your Hart trailer to ‘fit’.  We want your Hart trailer to be as your very favorite pair of running shoes.  Don’t run?  What about that favorite T-shirt or pair of jeans?  You know, whatever is ‘old faithful’ in your life.  Why should your trailer be any different?  For those of us that haul, we know that a trailer can be a blessing or a curse.  Your best friend or your worst enemy.  Something you trust and rely on or something that causes you great anxiety and doubt.

These are all things that we are aware of when designing and manufacturing our trailers.  YOU are always on our minds.  Isn’t that how it should be though?  We think so.  Which brings me to the point of this article.

HCS 2016-436HCS 2016-407HCS 2016-430

We want to let you in on something.  Give you a closer look.  Remind you of just how important you are to us and give you a little insight to some of our inspiration.

With coffee (or lack there of actually), donuts, one of our designers, and some special guests we started our morning at 6:00 a.m.

HCS 2016-201HCS 2016-176

What were we doing?  Well…you see that is the part that you have to wait for.  But stay tuned and just like your favorite weather channel, “we’ll keep you advised.”

HCS 2016-129

Until next time,



HUS 64

Something Is Coming…

Something is coming. Something bigger than any single event of its kind. Something that will bring you Dale Brisby, Pete Oen, LJ Jenkins – PBR Bull Rider, Ross Coleman, Cody Custer, JW Hart / Hart Cattle Company, Evan Allard, Wacey Hart’s Miniature World Tour and many more! Live entertainment nightly. More than fifty separate events. Events for the pros and for the newbies. Music, food, entertainment, rodeo, racing, running with the bulls…..and Hart Trailer. We are proud to be the premier sponsor of the first ever Doxa Extreme Rodeo, hosted by the one and only Dale Brisby. We will be on hand with the top trailers in the industry, all available to YOU. Crawl in them, over them, under them, and thru them. Cover them from front to back. Ask questions. We like questions. If you have a need…we have an answer. So grab your gear, load your trailer, bring your beast and your family and hit the road to the only event of its kind. Mark your calendars for August 24th – 28th. Looking forward to connecting with you!

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Spring Cleaning

It is that time of year again.  Time to dust off the drapes, deep clean the house, open the blinds and let a little sunshine in.  It is also the time of year when we hit the road hard with our trailers and four legged companions in tow.  One of the questions that we get most often is “what do you recommend I do to get my trailer looking shiny and clean again?”.  To be honest if you asked ten different horseman and women the same question you would probably get ten different answers.

In the spirit of ‘spring cleaning’ I asked one of our representatives here in the shop to spell it out for us.  To tell us exactly what he would recommend to keep those trailers looking bright and shiny and new.  This is what he had to say.


The wax is ONLY to be used on colored aluminum skin that we offer when trailers are new.  This can be used on used trailers but you will want to make sure that it is entirely and properly cleaned.



This sounds a little hokey but it works; 5 gallon bucket, 2/3rds full of warm to hot water, ½ cup of liquid tide, 1 cup of bleach – mix well,

Use a very soft bristled brush/cloths or specialty wash cloths, wash a 4’ section at a time from the bottom up, rinse and repeat until completed – hand dry w/ chamois cloth. 

The other way is go to a truck wash and ask for a plain wash (soap/water) & MAKE SURE you have them rinse trailer double – NO CAUSTIC SOAPS  that are NOT for aluminum. Also, be careful of buying soaps for auto’s that are strong – and definitely NO DIY acid wash kits, no, no, no!!!

If that doesn’t get your trailer clean enough to suit you – you can have them do a citrus acid bath – that is at your discretion – it is the easiest & fastest way to get an aluminum trailer clean but it can also possibly burn your natural finish aluminum (side extrusions, top rails and rear corners – anywhere there is natural mil finish aluminum) actually, so beware of the results of cleaning and what it can do to your prized possession trailer! 

DO NOT  – I REPEAT – DO NOT ACID WASH A POLISHED ALUMINUM TRAILER unless you want to have a multi-funky colored trailer.  This will make your prized possession trailer de-value before your eyes in mere seconds.


Brent Brewer / Sales & Dealer Development /

Well…there you have it.  Now you are all ready to use that elbow grease and get that trailer looking like new!  Close enough anyways.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions and we will be happy to help.  Thanks Brent!

Until next time,

-Your Hart Team


PM 100

Over the years as journalists and other professionals in the industry have come through our doors and toured our shop we have been accused on more than one occasion of ‘overbuilding’ our trailers.  In which we just reply with a smile because we know this by now, either you get it or you do not.  For those who ‘get it’, our trailers are seen as a token of love for our companions and teammates that give us 100%  every time we ask them to.


They are crafted in care to be able to withstand anything that they may encounter to the best of our ‘man-made’ ability.  They are built from the ground up with a passion that pays every attention to detail from the things that you will never see to the bells and the whistles that take your breath away upon first glance.  For those that get it, loading your partner up in a Hart Trailer says “I love you buddy”.

HUS 20

For those that don’t get it well we could take the short cuts that others in this industry sometimes take.  We could compromise the integrity of our trailers and chances are, you would never know it until it was too late.  On the outside we’d have all the bells and whistles but the minute someone didn’t see your trailer breaking for the sudden stop….well you’d find out just what your trailer is made of.  I have on more than one occasion seen the owners of this company send a trailer that was in line waiting to be picked up by the driver, BACK into the shop because a decal wasn’t just perfect.  A screw wasn’t sitting just right.  I remember the first time I witnessed this I thought “man…this is a company I want to be a part of because they CARE”.


The thing is that life happens.  We can’t side step ‘life’.  As a manufacturer we cannot build an indestructible trailer.  We can however build a trailer to the best of our ability and with the utmost integrity so that we can do our part to protect our customers and their beloved companions.

HUS 13

We are horse people also.  We go home to our four legged friends that depend on us for every meal and every trip to the vet.  We are HART TRAILER and we are looking out for YOU.

Hart: A Family Tradition

Hart Trailer is a family owned and operated business and has been since it’s beginnings in 1968.  It is a well known fact that the family roots at Hart run deeper than most.  But the family ties go beyond the office and beyond the manufacturing floor.  They can be found on the road.  In this case hauling across the state of Texas with show steers in tow.


Dina and her husband Rick Britten are part of the Hart family.  They have two sons, Hunter who is 15 and Dylan who is 11.  Hunter is a freshman at Rudder High school and Dylan is a sixth grader at Davila Middle School.


Both boys are active in their local 4H and FFA chapters in Brazos County.  Hunter and Dylan show steers.  They travel all over Brazos County competing in shows.


Recently we were able to build them a stock trailer for their busy show life.  They purchased their 24′ stock trailer through Stephenville Trailers in Stephenville Texas. We were thrilled at the opportunity to be a part of this team.  A lot of people don’t even know that we manufacture stock trailers.  However we are able to offer a nice variety of trailers to meet almost anyone’s hauling needs.  The order was placed and the building began.  And in what seemed like no time at all the Britten family’s Hart Stock Trailer made its way to their home in Texas.

The last weekend in August the Britten family was able to take their trailer out for a spin for the very first time.  They traveled to Huntsville Texas to compete in the Bearkat Classic.

IMG_5366 IMG_5370


IMG_5368 IMG_5369

Dylan took home the buckle for Breed Champion ABC Steer and Dina joked that the trailer brought them luck.

IMG_5372 IMG_5371

But we all know that their hard work, dedication, and superior stock leave little for ‘luck’ to offer.  None the less we here at Hart are so glad that we get to be part of a winning team.  We look forward to many more successful hauls with the Britten family and their livestock.

WEB PARTS 09272013 059

Wednesday Wisdom: Preserving Your Floor

HUS 11We all LOVE pulling out those heavy mats in our trailer don’t we?  Of course not.  Yet it is an absolute necessity if we wish to keep our aluminum trailers in top condition.  Unfortunately the following scenario happens repetitively and without fail in service shops across America DAILY:

Customer: “I took my mats out the other day and there are large pits in my floor.  Some areas are starting to wear completely through.” Service Advisor: “Lets take a look at it.  How often do you clean your trailer?” (as both walk out to look at the trailer) Customer: “Oh all the time.  Every time I use it.” Service Advisor: “Well lets have a look at it.” (SA opens the rear door of the trailer and is immediately taken aback by the smell of the urine in the trailer.  Coughs, and takes a step back to catch his breath.) Service Advisor: “You say you clean it often?” Customer: “Every time I use it?” Service Advisor: “Do you pull your mats?” Customer: “Well,  uh…no I mean I do sometimes but not all the time.” Service Advisor: “How often would you say you pull them?” Customer: “Well I mean I probably haven’t pulled them in a year but before that…I mean I did like once a year…”

You and I both know exactly where this conversation is going don’t we?  The truth is that maintaining a trailer is not always on the top of our ‘fun things to do list’.  More often than not we can justify our actions or the lack thereof.  When it comes to pulling mats it is so easy to say “Well, it has hardly been used in the last couple of months…” or “I’ll do it the next time I use it…” (but the next time is an emergency trip to the vet or you are running late).  Lets just face it, none of us WANT to do it. If you have a Hart trailer you have a very sturdy extruded floor.  If you have another type of trailer you may have an extruded floor or you may very well have a sheeted floor.  An extruded floor can and will withstand far more abuse than a sheeted floor can over time. 03142013 4 03142013 104032013 05Extruded Floor

However eventually,  poor maintenance can be detrimental to even the best floor our industry has to offer.  The question is not ‘Will it damage my floor?’, the question is ‘How long will my neglect take to damage my floor?’.  The destination of neglect is the same.  The type of floor your trailer has determines if you get there via the Autobahn in Germany, or the slow country two lane roads of the south.  Can we all agree that we want nothing to do with this destination?  That we would rather take care of what we have? We’ve put together a few tips and answered some very common questions regarding the care of an aluminum floor.

  • Haul with shavings or something of the sort.  Shavings are great for absorbing urine before it can get down between the mats and your floor.  Shavings are also very easy to clean out after every trip.  (You can put a fly mask on your horse if you are concerned about shavings getting in their eyes while hauling).HUS 119 HUS 16
  • If you do not want to haul with shavings, you can still hose your trailer out after every single use to help dilute and wash away any urine content.
  • Keep your trailer floor clean and dry.  Allow for plenty of ventilation after hauling.  It is always a good idea to let your trailer ‘air out’ even after you have cleaned it out after a trip.D121 STALL AREA FROM REAR
  • Pull your mats regularly.  What is regularly?  This is different for all of us because regularly to me might be once every month and regularly to Joe down the road might be once every six months.  Ask yourself how often are you hauling?  For very high usage trailers ‘regularly’ is going to be much more often than someone who hauls every so often.  The purpose of pulling the mats is to remove ALL urine and manure residue from the aluminum beneath the mats.  This is crucial to the life of an aluminum floor because over time the acid from the urine corrodes the aluminum.  Urine that sits under mats for weeks at a time is detrimental to the structure of any aluminum floor.
  • When you pull your mats be sure and rinse the floor good.  A power washer can be your best friend during this task!  Be sure and let BOTH mats and the floor dry before replacing them.
  • If you don’t like the idea of maintaining mats there is always the option of a sprayed in floor.  Upon customer request here at Hart some of our trailers have a W.E.R.M floor (We Replace Rubber Mats) sprayed into the bottom of their trailer.  Other than some possible patching from time to time from wear and tear this is a very low maintenance option for those who want to avoid all of the mat drama.  With W.E.R.M your trailer is sealed and your horse is still provided with the same 1/2″ rubber cushion that our standard trailer mats provide.  Even with W.E.R.M we still recommend hauling with shavings to help with the smell and containment of waste.  Just like our mats,  W.E.R.M can easily be sprayed out after each use.WEB PARTS 09272013 059WEB PARTS 09272013 062The trailer above is pictured with W.E.R.M flooring.
  • If you live in an area where there are often salts and other chemicals used on the roads it is a good idea to regularly clean the bottom side of your aluminum floor.   Again power washers are boss and can make your life substantially easier.

No one ever said that owning a trailer was a one time financial sacrifice.  It is a lifetime of caring for something that you want to last.  It is the small decisions today that you will be very thankful for tomorrow.  Repairing a floor in many cases is a major undertaking and a huge headache.  But more importantly, the life of your partner is priceless and irreplaceable.  Their safety is the most important thing.  So here’s to protecting our four legged friends.  The ones that give us so much while asking so little in return.  Here’s to making the most out of the life of your trailer!